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    Donated Oct 29, 2010, 10:00:30 PM
Where have I been? Who knows... all over...

I didn't really want to update my journal because then I post over Misty, my lost kitty cat. I love her so much. I feel like to post over her would be acceptance and moving on. Which I really don't want to do. Especially now that her brother, Salem, isn't doing so great :(

Last semester was the craziest of my life. Being Taekwondo Club President, 18 Credit Semester, two service learning projects, Teachers Assistant, working several jobs and just being tired all the time was the busiest thing ever. But it's over now! And it was a good semester. I even got an A+ in a 200lvl course! So I'm happy. I accomplished a lot and it seems like I can actually graduate these two majors and minor on time :D

I just had a crapload of family up for my Grandparent's 50th Anniversary and Christmas. It was so hectic and busy. This time I couldn't sink into the background because my boyfriend PROPOSED TO ME ON CHRISTMAS MORNING. So of course everyone was fawning over me and crying... Yay...

Anyway yeah, I'm engaged now. He gave me his Grandmother's ring, we later went to see her and tell her the news. He also gave me a sapphire (I love them) and diamond ring. I knew about the Sapphire ring as I got to pick it out. After we all opened our gifts x-mas morning he got down onto the floor (both knees? maybe he sat... I don't remember) and went to hand me the sapphire ring. He said "Four years has been far too long, will you marry me?", then he flipped over the box to reveal another box with his Grandmother's ring. I just sat there. I'm not a morning person and I barely got any sleep so this was WAY TOO much for my mind to comprehend. Plus I had NO CLUE about the proposal, he surprised me and I didn't even have an inkling (I always guess his surprises, but he got me this time). I said "woah" and took the ring. Then I said "yeah". I just kinda sat there quiet for 10 minutes. My family all congratulated us, and he hugged my sisters and was so happy to now have "sisters". My Dad already knew about the proposal I guess, he asked my Father before hand and I guess he said "about time!".  Of course I was the happiest girl alive!

I really wanted to pounce on him and go "of course!" But I didn't expect this at all and we don't really show any sort of emotion in front of my family so I was just speechless (plus like I said I'm a zombie before 9am). My Mom got a picture of me in my PJ's with my Koala hat on sitting on the floor staring at the ring, then us smiling together.

Holy. Fucking. Shit. I can't believe I'm engaged. I still don't believe it. My new Fiance and I have not been able to spend any time with each other since X-mas. With all my family up, and my Winter wildlife tracking course I didn't get to see him. Tomorrow is our first actual day together. Yay! Gonna go get some dinner :)

Gotta get these rings sized. Like I said it really was a surprise! But I -really- don't want to take them off to get them re-sized. o.0 I wear his Grandmother's ring on my thumb and the Sapphire with a spacer on my ring finger. teehee.

But shit. Now I got to plan a wedding! Everyone keeps asking me for a date. I have no clue... After I graduate in May. We're thinking late 2014 or 2015 (He is thinking perhaps in October). We're toying with a Lord of the Rings theme. I'd love a Galadriel inspired dress. I really want to make my own because I'm cheap, but I need more skills/tools. He was already planning my headpiece. He also wants to bake a Minas Tirith cake (I wanted one with Smaug).

Anyway, I got to finish up this last semester of college, then start planning. Of course I'm over excited and have already started planning because it's something for me to do that isn't schoolwork. I'm so glad for this. I love him so fucking much and can't wait (actually I sort of can, I -really- love this being engaged bit. But I am so excited to be married to my best friend at some point). I found a picture of us from Elementary school together. We were in the same play. It was the year we met: 2003. I've known him for 10 years (well 11 with the new year), and we've been dating for 4. :D We're going to try to find a nice secluded apartment of our own starting in May or June. I want a place where I can do archery and have a garden and other outdoor hobbies. So hard to find good places so far in advance.

Okay... end the girly girl rant. I swear I'm not normally like that...

Art stuff:

YES I AM TAKING COMMISSIONS NOW! I don't even care if they are for art trades or points, or game currencies. I just need practice and a reason to do art.
Also I'd like to do more photography- I probably won't charge for any of this. I just need a reason to do it!

Peace out y'all
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United States
Hello! I'm a 21yr old University of Vermont student. Born and raised here in Vermont. I am double majoring in Anthropology and Environmental Studies with a minor in Wildlife Biology- though I really just want to study wolves.
I love photography, and I love drawing animals (especially fantasy)- though I've never had any classes or instruction on either.... I just sort of wing it.
I'm sorry I have so many pictures of cats. I have two in my apartment, and three back home... so I tend to take lots... I'm not a crazy cat lady don't worry.

I'm here on DA to learn and get feedback.

If there is something you'd like to see more of, or a commission you have for me, I am usually open and would like to hear! I don't bite! :)

My 5 year old DA that contains older stuff:

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Haha right?! And people always change their names and such. I thought you were another Charix. My Wajas was hacked by someone I knew and frozen shortly after. I was getting inactive on there and most of my friends were gone anyway so I didn't really mind. It had been ages since I played. Were you ever on the Xat Chat? I was an admin there and was on ALL the time!
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